WP4 Impacts on Power Production Portfolio

Lead Partner: Armines CMA


Develop the second layer of downstream climate services of CLIM2POWER. The WP will extend the knowledge and models established in WP3 for individual RES to their integration and impacts on larger power systems. Through 4 regional case studies that cover different electric system configurations and complement the analysis for the whole of the EU, this WP will establish the additional value of seasonal climate forecasts for the seasonal economic planning of operation in EU’s power systems on an hourly basis.

Description of Activities:

WP4 will integrate high temporal and geographical resolution time series of renewable resource availability from WP3 in power system models, demonstrated for 4 national contexts and for the interconnected EU electric system. In each regional case-study, strong interaction with national energy experts through regular workshops and / or webinars will ensure shared ideas and an easier uptake by experts, following the inputs from the EU-wide Userboard implemented in WP6. An important aspect of all case studies is evaluating the impact of uncertainty of climate data on model results. This will be addressed by using stochastic versions of the electric system models involved: TIIMES-Sweden, TIMES-France, TIMES_PT, MEDEA and DISPA-SET. The knowledge gained from each of these regional cases will be used to improve DISPA-SET for the whole of EU.

Expected Results and Deliverables:

  • D4.1-4.5 Enhanced power system models, reports on aforementioned impacts for each national case study
  • D4.6 Power systems web service functional specification – draft
  • D4.7 Report on the development of a data service module for long-term projection of CC impacts on the provision of energy from RES