Posters & Outreach Materials

Below you’ll find various posters and communications materials created for the project. Please feel free to download and use the following posters and infographics.

Fact Sheet: Climate Modelling

Download the following fact sheet to learn all about climate modelling. Targeted specifically for high school students and lay-audiences, the fact sheet comes with an optional page of questions to test your knowledge.

Clim2Power A5 Leaflet

Clim2Power’s promotional two-sided A5 leaflet can be downloaded below.

Seasonal Hindcasts for Hydrological Forecasting Poster

Analysis of seasonal hindcast for mean term hydrological forecasting in the Upper Danube River Basin, by Ignacio Martin Santos, Mathew Herrnegger, Jennifer Ostermöller, Kristina Fröhlich, and Hubert Holzmann for EGU General Assembly 2019.

Clim2Power Poster

Download the Clim2Power | Promotional Poster here.

Clim2Power Brochure

Clim2Power | Brochure One