• Producing cutting-edge climate projections and seasonal forecasts
  • Translating climate data into energy system and power indicators through machine learning and modelling
  • Engaging the energy, environment and climate communities.
  • Producing a web service application co-developed with end users.

What is Clim2Power?

Clim2Power is a research project that creates a bridge between complex scientific model-based knowledge and targeted, usable information for end users.

Clim2Power will build a EU wide web based Climate Service addressing the impact of climate on hydro, wind, and solar power operation, electricity, heat and cooling demand, and the whole power system, addressed at a seasonal and long-term timescales.

The web-based Climate Service data will support both private and public decision making, including market-based water-energy service providers.

Clim2Power’s process of translating climate data into power plant operational guidance.


The web-service will connect climate data, hydrological models, renewable energy sources, power simulation tools and energy system and electricity models in an interactive user-friendly layout.

This will produce added value data for the next 6 months and for long term time scales on hydro, wind and PV resource availability, power, heat and cooling demand changes and shifts of the whole power system to adapt to natural resource availability. This seasonal outputs will inform the long-term analysis of the power/energy system.

To whom?

Power generation and trading companies, power systems operators and regulators, power consumers, and water managers will directly benefit from the seasonal outputs of Clim2Power. Long-term outputs will support policy makers in the energy, environment and water sectors.


Energy production from renewable energy systems fluctuates inter-seasonally. Addressing this challenge requires a targeted decision-support system based on the best available seasonal climate forecasts and their respective implications for the power system production.