WP1 End User Requirements

Lead Partner: University College Cork


Determining end-user requirements in terms of information needs and business logic in planning for seasonal energy production and water management under consideration of climate impacts on European energy markets. The outputs of this WP are important inputs to WP3 and WP4 – and to the implementation of the web-service in WP5.

Description of Activities:

Following an extensive literature review and in close iterative collaboration with the key end-user and other relevant stakeholder groups, this WP will identify key decision making criteria, business logic, key sources of information and existing tools employed in planning for and responding to weather-related impacts to support the assessment and validation of user requirements of the developed climate service. The assessment will be conducted applying a common methodology in all case studies.

Expected Results and Deliverables:

  • D1.1 Literature Review and Methodology Report (UCC) (M6);
  • D1.2 Draft User Requirement Report– European (UCC) (M8);
  • D1.3 Training Session for the project partners (UCC) (M8);
  • D1.4 Final User Requirement Report– European and Regional (UCC) (M12);
  • D1.5 Usability Evaluation Framework Report (UCC) (M16)