WP3 Renewable Energy and Demand Simulation

Lead Partner: Universitat fur Bodenkulture Wien, Decision Support Systems (BOKU-DSS)


Translate time series of climate data into time series of electricity generation from hydro, from wind, and from solar PV for each case-study, and assess impacts of climate on electricity and district heating demand.

Description of Activities:

This work package relies on modelling renewable electricity generation, and electricity and district heating demand based on the climate data provided by WP2. Involving one European wide case study and four national case studies in:

  • The Douro River, Portugal
  • German-Austrian market zone
  • Lule älv, Sweden
  • France

This WP also investigates wind and solar availability for power, and the impact of climate on energy demand.

Expected Results and Deliverables:

  • D3.1.1-D3.1.5 Four Case Studies
  • D3.2 Simulation framework for bias corrected wind and solar PV for the whole of Europe
  • D3.3 Simulation framework for electricity demand, depending on temperature for the whole of Europe
  • D3.4 Report on methodologies applied in all case studies, on cross-validation and on bias correction