WP2 Climate Data

Lead Partner: Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD)


Compile and process necessary climate data (seasonal forecasts as well as climate change scenarios) to be used in WP3 impact models and maintain the operational data flow.

Description of Activities:

This work package aims to define and prepare the climate data required as input data for the Clim2Power climate service, including down-scaling of seasonal forecasts, bias correction, data management & compatibility, and long term climate projections.

Expected Results and Deliverables:

  • D2.1 “Toy” Data Set
  • D2.2 Statistically down scaled time series of climate data from global seasonal forecasts (ensemble)
  • D2.3 Tailored data set of climate change scenarios
  • D2.4 Evaluation report on the quality of down scaled data
  • D2.5 Operational Workflow of data provision
  • D2.6 Report on the functionality and performance of the new method including bias correction methodology
  • D2.7 Evaluation report on the selection and processing requirements of long term climate data for modelling the provision of energy from RES