Clim2Power in Context

The Clim2Power project is closely aligned with other ongoing European projects including:

  • ECEM: European Climatic Energy Mixes (ECEM) aims to produce, in close collaboration with prospective users, a proof-of-concept climate service – or demonstrator. Its purpose is to enable the energy industry and policy makers to assess how well different energy supply mixes in Europe will meet demand, over different time horizons (from seasonal to long-term decadal planning), focusing on the role climate has on the mixes.
  • CLIM4ENERGY: will bring together the complementary expertise of 7 climate research and service centers and 11 energy practitioners, acting as co-designers, to demonstrate, from case studies, the value chain from climate variables to actionable information in the energy sector. As a proof of concept, it will deliver 9 energy-relevant pan-European indicators of climate trends and variability with cross-sectoral consistency, documentation and guidance, estimation of uncertainties, and demonstration of use.

As well as the recently launched European Projects:

  • Plan4RES: is a collaborative research and innovation project which aims at developing an end-to-end planning tool to successfully increase the share of renewable energy into the European Energy system without compromising on system reliability. The targeted platform will account for the Pan-European interconnected electricity system, potential synergies with other energy systems, emerging technologies and flexibility resources, providing a fully integrated modelling environment.
  • SECLI-FIRM: aims to demonstrate how the use of improved climate forecasts, out to several months ahead, can add practical and economic value to decision-making processes and outcomes in both the energy and water sectors. The project will promote research advances in the most effective seasonal forecasts for specific applications, as well as the uptake of seasonal forecasts by industry, expanding the climate services market.
  • S2S4E:  will offer an innovative service to improve RE variability management by developing new research methods exploring the frontiers of weather conditions for future weeks and months. The main output of S2S4E will be a user co-designed Decision Support Tool (DST) that for the first time integrates sub-seasonal to seasonal (S2S) climate predictions with RE production and electricity demand.