Clim2power’s Advisory Board and consortium meet at DWD in Offenbach

Clim2power’s consortium, DWD Headquarters in Offenbach, Germany, 27 February 2020

Project partners met on Wednesday 26 February to discuss recent and future developments of Clim2power’s research activities and outputs. As the project reaches its final stage, the consortium coordinates efforts to maximise the impact of the data, information and knowledge generated since the beginning of Clim2power, in September 2017.

On Thursday 27 February, the members of the Advisor Board provided timely guidance on how to better develop and exploit the results of these almost 3 years of work, during the 2nd Annual Advisory Board Meeting. The consortium thanks them for their advice and support.

During these intense 2 days at DWD, we discussed the energy indicator results for Europe within Clim2power’s web-based Climate Service for both the seasonal and long-term cases, the climate, hydrological and energy system model developments, and a shared strategy for end-user engagement.